GM Moving is one of 43 Active Partnerships; a network of system partners working with Sport England to support the local implementation of the Uniting the Movement strategy. We play a strategic leadership role in delivering the Greater Manchester-wide movement for movement, with a collective mission of Active Lives for All.

Everyone should have the opportunity to move every day in a way that works for them and we are looking for people who share this belief. Our shared work is much broader than traditional sport and physical activity. 

We're looking for people to help lead, support, and connect the work of GM Moving to address the inequalities that stand in the way of our shared mission of Active Lives for All.

Support GM Moving and enable Active Lives for All 

To support our work and achieve the ambitions of both GM Moving in Action and Sport England’s Uniting the Movement, we need to be able to call on individuals and organisations to help with specific projects or areas of work that require additional capacity or specialist skills and lived or learnt experience.

We are looking for people with a variety of different skills and experience to provide support on a consultancy basis for an agreed number of days, up to a maximum of one or two days a week for a defined period.

If you're an individual and organisation with purpose, passion, and integrity as well as the skills, knowledge, and capacity that we (and our partners) could utilise on an ad-hoc basis to support the GM Moving movement and our work, register on our database of consultants.

Opportunities in the future may include:

  • Project support 
  • Panel or network membership 
  • Coaching, mentoring and peer support
  • Delivering training and/or facilitating peer learning
  • Research and insight

Further details please contact

Live Opportunities

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We are keen to hear from people from all parts of Greater Manchester, and from all walks of life. We want to grow as a healthy, diverse, inclusive and joyful movement, where everyone belongs and can play a role. There is no need to be sporty or to have a background in physical activity.

We want to realise the power and potential of a movement of people that is reflective of the population. This is a key focus to ensure that we embed physical activity and sport into everyday lives for all. 

We warmly welcome applications from communities and groups that are commonly underrepresented and marginalised, to include people who identify as black, Asian or from another ethnic minority background, disabled people, people with long term health conditions, LGBTQ+ people and people with lived experience of poverty or inequality due to Class.

To apply to be part of the database please complete the pro-forma and send to [email protected].

There is no guarantee of work, but we are hopeful that by taking this proactive approach, we will develop a more agile and adaptive way to draw on talent and capacity to support the movement. 

GM Moving is committed to providing equal opportunities and promoting equity, diversity and inclusion, irrespective of ethnicity, age, gender identity, sexuality, disability, religion, pregnancy or personal circumstance.

We aspire to being a diverse, inclusive and responsible organisation where everyone feels welcome and that they belong. Our aim is to have a workforce that reflects and understands the diverse communities we work alongside.