About GM Integrated Care Partnership

The Health and Care Act 2022 is making it easier for organisations to work better with each other and the public to improve people’s health, plan and deliver effective services, and be as efficient as possible.

To deliver this, partnerships of different organisations, called Integrated Care Systems, have been set up across the country.

Our system is called the Greater Manchester Integrated Care Partnership, which can be abbreviated to Greater Manchester ICP. You’ll notice there is no NHS prefix as the partnership is wider than NHS organisations.

This is overseen by a statutory partnership committee representing wider partners who are united in their vision to reduce health inequalities and drive equity in life chances - this is called the Greater Manchester Integrated Care Partnership Board.

There are similar integrated care partnerships in each of GM’s 10 localities, each overseen by a Locality Board.

The other element to integrated care systems are new NHS bodies responsible for planning services, finance and performance. They are called Integrated Care Boards with ours being NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care, abbreviated to NHS Greater Manchester or NHS GM. 

NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care has taken on the functions and staff of the former 10 clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), Greater Manchester Shared Services (GMSS) and Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership (GMHSCP).

This too is overseen by the NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care Board.

Contribution to GM Moving

The Greater Manchester Population Health Plan, published in 2017, set out how we would begin to use our devolution opportunities to help everyone here have the best start in life, to live well and to age well.

This bold and ambitious programme includes significant investment in GM Moving.

We are funding and mobilising the GM Walking Ambition, to make walking a normal part of everyday life for physical activity and active transport.

We are now taking further and faster steps to transform population health and tackle inequalities.

This involves reshaping how we think about health and wellbeing. We’ll focus on the features that shape our lives – such as housing, employment, finance, education, transport and the environment – and across our city region build “a whole system approach” to population health.

The GM Moving In Action plan for a healthier, happier city region is an important part of turning this vision into a reality.

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