With different motivations, capabilities and opportunities to move, we need to do more to tune in to what matters to people. We need to know what people like to do, and the realities of their lives, in order to ensure that everyone in Greater Manchester has the opportunity to move more, in whatever way works for them.

By working together we can ensure that moving, in whatever form, is within easy reach of every person in Greater Manchester. We want everyone to have the opportunity, the inspiration and the freedom to get moving and keep moving.

Our approach

  • Recognise and address inequalities: moving physical activity, sport and active lives within easier reach of people and communities who are currently underserved and underrepresented.
  • Nothing about us, without us’: involving people early on, and co-designing and delivering alongside them within their communities.
  • Sustainable skills: developing a strong, diverse, inclusive and skilled workforce, growing people and leadership everywhere to act as catalysts.
  • Think community safety: improving people’s safety and perception of safety on our streets, spaces and places, and make them welcoming places for all.
  • Evidence-based: taking an evidence-led approach to reduce inactivity and increase activity through an intentional mix of universal and targeted investment and support.
  • Connecting through communication: using clear, inclusive, representative and relatable communications, stories, language, imagery and messaging to show people that it’s about ‘moving your way – whoever, whatever, whenever’.
  • Access to all: opening facilities and activities so they are more accessible, affordable and inclusive.
  • Community-centred: prioritising and growing community-based, owned and led spaces, assets and opportunities to support people to move.
  • Make it easy: working together as communities and partners to make it easier for people to find out what is available in their local area as part of the local offer.
  • Embrace technology whilst recognising the digital divide: utilising digital innovation to increase access and participation, whilst being mindful of digital exclusion and continuing to advocate for improved digital access for all.

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