After the lockdown - framing for physical activity

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Nicole McKeating-Jones
22 Jul 2020

After the lockdown - framing for physical activity

As the city-region emerges from the most stringent lockdown restrictions, we’ve been thinking about how we should talk to people about being physically active, and how we can support GM Moving system partners to use positive framing and public narrative that best supports culture change, system change and behaviour change. We’ve pulled together some guidance to provide messaging advice to our partner organisations.

Our aim remains to change lives through physical activity and sport and our collective ambition is to see 2 million GM residents moving by 2021 and to #KeepGMMoving through all phases of lockdown release, living with and recovering from Covid-19.

The guidance in the pdf document (see link beneath article) is provided for organisations to use in their public-facing communications. We believe that as restrictions start to ease, we will need to supplement central direction with sustained community-driven action – mutually re-enforcing each other’s content and messaging to reach as wide a GM audience as possible. We’re grateful to the Frameworks Institute for their support and encourage partners to visit their site for more information about framing: https://www.frameworksinstitut...

The pandemic has acted as an agent of change – underlining the importance of our shared ambition to encourage more people to move more every day. Although it’s clear from the national messaging delivered by the government and the scientific advisers that we still have some way to go before the pandemic is over, as system influencers we're keen to provide our thoughts on the messaging around physical activity that’s now needed to keep GM moving.

We will continue to build on this slide deck together with our team and partners. We welcome your contributions, questions, requests for new themes or audiences and we will keep sharing it via our usual channels when we update or add to it.

After the lockdown - framing for physical activity

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