Active Soles Leadership: Steven Pleasant’s Staff Briefing for Tameside

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Helen-Louise Smith, Marketing Communications Manager
5 Sep 2019

Great leadership last week from Steven Pleasant, CEO of Tameside MBC and Accountable Officer for Tameside and Glossop CCG. Giving permission, starting a conversation and growing the movement.

With kind permission from Steven, feel free to cut and paste for your teams and organisations.

Let’s keep the movement growing.

That Counts!

Next month GM Moving launches a Greater Manchester-wide campaign for people who don’t currently find time to be active. The That Counts! campaign will help people with busy lives find ways of building more activity into their lives in routine ways, whether it be walking the children to school, gardening, dancing while hoovering or whatever. The campaign has been very carefully researched to address the barriers that the most inactive people often find – which can include being overwhelmed by the thought of somehow finding all those extra hours for exercise, or worrying about the cost of joining a gym.

By making small adjustments, and becoming aware of the value of these extra active minutes, people can build gently towards the recommended 150 minutes of activity or more a week.

Coincidentally on the same day, Public Health England launches a nationwide campaign called We Are Undefeatable, on exactly the same lines but specifically for people with long term health conditions. These campaigns could make a significant difference to the lives of many thousands of people in Tameside.

The Power of Active Soles

One of the things that can make a big difference is what we decide to wear on our feet particularly when we come to work. Have a look at this blog written by Hayley Lever, our GM Moving lead (https://hayleyleverblog.wordpr... essence it says what we wear changes the way we think, and can change our behaviour. Wearing flat shoes and trainers at work makes it more likely that we would walk. For women and men, there are cultural norms and rules at work. They get in the way of being active. A senior colleague from the GM Health Partnership who started wearing trainers to work now walks an additional 2km a day. The GM Mayor Andy Burnham has got behind this. And so should we. I would be interested in people’s views? Would you feel comfortable about wearing more active footwear to work?

Stevens weekly briefing