Let's find the #HiddenWalksGM!

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Helen-Louise Smith, Marketing Communications Manager
Added to Walking on 2 Aug 2019

We're asking people who live and work in Greater Manchester to share their favourite local walks with us.

We'll choose a winning walk each week in August. With a final winner and runner up being chosen on the 1 Sept.

You can win fitbits, vouchers to spend on walking gear and other walking related goodies to help you get out and about over the summer (and beyond!). The weekly prize is worth £100, with final prizes worth £250 and £500 up for grabs too.

To enter the competition all you need to do is upload a short video or photo to your Instagram or Facebook and tag @GMWalks, accompanied by the hashtag #HiddenWalksGM and some information about where the walk is, and why you love it.

Don't worry - we're not just looking for hiking routes, it can be anywhere you like getting out and about to.

That could be a site of local interest (such as a historic landmark), a hidden oasis that you think deserves some recognition, a walk that has strong personal memories or perhaps a fun way to ditch the car and stroll somewhere instead.

Whether you step, roll, push or whatever, we want you to help us find the interesting places to explore, wander and toddle this August.

The competition runs until Friday August 30 with weekly prizes worth £100, plus a final grand prize worth £500, and runner up prize worth £250. Ts&Cs apply.