GM Moving Plan '17

The new role, Strategic Manager, for GM Moving, was born out of the Commissioning Project Action Plan and MOU, as described above. Hayley Lever started in the role in April 2017.

Between April and the election of Andy Burnham to the mayoral role in May, it became clear that a refresh of GM Moving was needed. So much had progressed since 2015; Taking Charge, the Population Health Plan, The Mayoral Manifesto and other significant developments.

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By July 2017, the whole system had co-produced a new GM Moving Plan. Leaders from every part of the system made their contribution in response to the question; what would it take to bring about population scale change in physical activity engagement here... in your part of the system?

Spatial planners, clinicians, active travel experts, headteachers, early years specialists, physical activity leads and many more across the system, wrote the GM Moving Refresh, over a two month period, to a comprehensive plan to deliver an ambitious target, set by the Mayor.

The GM Moving refresh was launched in July 2017. It set out the principles by which Greater Manchester would lead this work, and an approach to transformational change, with whole system approach at its heart. GM Moving has embodied and built on principles that were already there, for instance in Taking Charge. It hasn't invented a totally new approach. It aligned with principles of reform in Greater Manchester.

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Person and community centred, GM Moving set out the priority actions to address inactivity, increase engagement in physical activity and sport at each stage of the life course, from early years to older age.

It also set out the priority actions for ‘place’ including the built environment, natural capital, walking and cycling infrastructure.

A big ambition was set out to develop skilled advocates, clinicians and practitioners across the system. The widest possible workforce including primary and secondary care, planning, transport engineering, education, community and voluntary sector and physical activity and sport providers are included.

All of this was underpinned by the evidence base, in an insight led approach; understanding people and communities, engaging effectively through marketing and communications and campaigns.

Finally, the implementation of GM Moving was set out as a learning journey. This whole system approach to population scale change hasn’t yet been achieved anywhere. Greater Manchester's aim was to help create the evidence base that doesn’t exist yet. Evaluation of impact, outcomes and process would be vital.

GM Moving 2017-21 was launched at the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership Board and Greater Manchester Combined Authority meetings in central Manchester, by Lord Peter Smith and Andy Burnham.

It was followed by an event in the street, with builders dancing, leaders playing table tennis in the rain, kids riding bikes and Mayor Andy Burnham boxing in a tent. It was a significant day in the history of GM Moving.

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Case Study: Engagement of the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector

“I first came across GM Moving at an early Reform Board. The MOU was being signed and I was representing the VCSE. I made an offer to engage Sport England, and sport in fact, in community life and get physical activity more embedded. I don't have a sport or physical activity background. My experience is in community development, engagement and providing support to community and voluntary organisations. I didn’t know what I had to contribute and felt a bit of a fraud in a room full of passionate people on the Exec that have years of experience as activists for sport. So, I was a bit quiet at the start.

When Hayley joined the team as the lead for GM Moving, I was still quiet on the Exec Group but I remember meeting and discussing the importance of the VCSE role in the work. Hayley has also had lots of experience of community development and encouraged me to be more vocal in the discussions at the Exec. I reflected on this and participated much more in the Exec meeting and its work after this point, Sports England and the rest of the Exec seemed genuinely interested in learning more about this and how the principles of working in this way can be reflected in the way the Local Pilots and the wider GM Moving work will be delivered.”