Developing a Shared Purpose

Developing a shared purpose to addressing inactivity in Greater Manchester (Jan 2014)

"We felt suddenly that we needed to bring the system together. The conversation was getting bigger than sport......... So we planned to bring multiple partners together from all the boroughs, across planning, schools, transport, education. There was a partner event. Steven Pleasant spoke. He had been instrumental in getting this agenda off the ground".

"We presented the rationale for the first time: budgets are shrinking, demands are growing. What benefits could we get from repositioning sport? People didn't know what we would do, but they wanted to do it. It was a statement of intent".


Demonstrating the evidence of the power of physical activity for wider outcomes (2014)

Following the partnership event, it was critical to win the hearts and minds of system leaders, who were unaware of the costs of inactivity, and saw sports participation as something that ‘fit people’ did and promoted.

"So we needed to build a case for change. We assembled the evidence base....and we turned this into the business case, including return on investment data......that helped us to develop new language instead, so for example we talked about the CMO[ii]’s magic pill’ and such like”.

“And this generated debate.....and slowly the momentum grew".

Devolution (Nov 2014)

Greater Manchester devolution, including Health and Social Care devolution was announced in November 2014. This included taking charge of £6 billion spent on health and social care in the ten boroughs of Greater Manchester. This was a huge opportunity and challenge. It signalled a new chapter, accelerated transformation and reform and invited innovation and new paradigms to secure the fastest and greatest improvement to the health, wealth and wellbeing of the 2.8 million people of Greater Manchester.

"Greater Manchester devolution includes £450m for a Transformation programme to transform health and social care funding across to GM. The Fund is to put in place the transformation of the architecture, for example, single commissioning functions. Technically the devolution is a delegation from health and social care to GM with £6bn from NHS England. But we see that within the round of £22bn of public sector spend in GM".