Chris Boardman and Made to Move

Walking and Cycling Commissioner Appointed (July 2017)

Alongside the work to write GM Moving, the Mayor’s team had been working hard to recruit Greater Manchester’s first Walking and Cycling Commissioner.

The day before GM Moving was launched, in one of Andy Burnham’s first live Q&A sessions with the public he announced:

“I said I would do something for cycling in Greater Manchester. Tomorrow, there’s quite a big step forward for cycling in Greater Manchester. I will be announcing Greater Manchester’s new cycling and walking commissioner with the aim of building a high-quality, safe, dedicated cycling network across all our ten boroughs, getting more people out of their cars and onto their bikes, making air quality better, improving health and cutting congestion."

By the time of the GM Moving Refresh in 2017 we were able to run a session with the Combined Authority and the NHS, and it was announced that Chris Boardman would be the Walking and Cycling Commissioner.


Ambitions for Walking and Cycling: Made to Move

Six months after the appointment of the Walking and Cycling Commissioner, Chris Boardman, a report was presented to the leaders of the Combined Authority and the ten local authorities in Greater Manchester. Made to Move sets out fifteen steps to transform Greater Manchester, by changing the way we get around.

The report was approved by the leaders, and the Made to Move team started network mapping the whole of Greater Manchester.
The Bee Network is the infrastructure plan, and where the Mayor’s Challenge Fund will be invested. Made to Move is the strategy specifically for utility walking and cycling. GM Moving is physical activity more widely.
Together, new infrastructure and behaviour change work will enable, support and promote a social movement for everyday walking and cycling; utility and recreation.