Andy Burnham's Manifesto

Physical Activity prioritised in Greater Manchester Mayoral Manifesto (May 2017)

We started engaging politicians, with an offer to all] the mayoral candidates including Andy Burnham. It was all very tactical; relationships based on networking. People work with people they can get on with...

So [Andy Burnham moved] in our direction... the opportunity was to take the GM Moving Blueprint and frame the offer around that. We wouldn't have to be starting again from scratch. He was long as we could bring in people's views. We facilitated a stakeholder event based on insight and engaged the system...

Andy campaigned on increasing physical activity, and on having a Walking and Cycling Commissioner.

Suddenly we had high-level backing for [our] agenda, it was locked in and this was taking it up another notch. And [in May], Andy became Mayor. Once he was elected, we sat down to flesh it out with him".

The Mayor’s ambition for, and commitment to the physical activity and sport agenda is second to none. From May 2017, GM Moving was taken to a new level.


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