GM Moving Conference 2020

GM Moving Conference 2020

On the 11th May, we brought together over 300 leaders from across the Greater Manchester ecosystem for an inspiring day connecting and learning on our shared endeavour to get GM Moving and to address inequalities in physical activity.

Everyone has a role to play in supporting the ambition of getting 75% of the Greater Manchester population active or fairly active by 2025. We were delighted to be joined on the day by Greater Manchester Mayor, Andy Burnham, and Tim Hollingsworth, CEO of Sport England as well as a range of fantastic speakers. The support of everyone in attendance was testament to the commitment to our shared ambition and the importance of this agenda now

The links below will allow you to watch the conference sessions on-demand:

Welcome: Hayley Lever

View on our YouTube channel here

Hayley Lever, Exec Lead (GM Moving), and Chief Executive Officer (GreaterSport) opened the conference, and provided an overview for the day as well as an update on GM Moving.

Key Note Mark Pollock

Unfortunately, we are unable to share the Keynote and webinar with Mark Pollock, co-hosted by Paula Cunniffe.

The 3 takeaways from the session were:

3 key drivers will create collaborative behaviour: mission; leadership; and incentives, with trust at the centre

3 conditions will create the environment to foster trust: authenticity; logic; and empathy

Play the infinite game: do not be defined by rules, timelines, or winners and losers

You can view Marks Ted Talk that he delivered in 2018 here

What support is available to local community groups during Covid-19?

View by registering on Workcast here

During this webinar members of the workforce team at GreaterSport and Sport England explores what support is available to community groups and clubs during the Covid-19 pandemic. They looked at both the support that is available locally within GM and nationally.

Evaluating Whole Systems Approaches: Learning from the GM Local Pilot

View by registering on Workcast here

The GM Moving evaluation partners Substance and Sheffield Hallam University will be sharied learning from their evaluation of GM Moving and the Sport England Local Pilot with a focus on emergent learning around barriers and enablers to effective work across and between sectors.

Panel: Inequalities in Physical Activity and the impact of Covid-19 in Greater Manchester.

View by registering on Workcast here

The Panel:

Diane Modahl MBE, CEO Diane Modahl Sports Foundation

Tom Webster, Activity Alliance, Engagement Advisor (North West and North East)

Paul McGarry, Assistant Director, GMCA

Majid Hussain, Chairman at NHS Clinical Commissioning Group

Eve Holt, Strategic Director GreaterSport/GM Moving

In this session, we explored the ways in which inequalities in Greater Manchester impact on levels of physical activity and the role physical activity can play in ‘closing the gap’. We will also explore the impact Covid – 19 has had on physical activity levels and both the challenges and opportunities it has presented.

Panel: GM Moving, the Impact on people’s lives in Greater Manchester.

View on our YouTube channel here

The Panel:

Eve Holt, Strategic Director GM Moving (Chairing)


  • Hayley Lever, CEO GreaterSport and Exec Lead GM Moving
  • Steven Pleasant, Chief Executive Tameside Council and GM Moving Chair
  • Justine Blomeley, Strategic Lead Local Delivery, Sport England
  • Tim Hollingsworth, CEO Sport England
  • Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester

This panel shared learning on the GM Moving journey so far, both in terms of what we are doing and how, and this has an impact on people’s lives in Greater Manchester. It includes an update on how we are keeping GM moving at the moment to sustain physical and mental health, prevent lockdown fatigue, and support people to safely get around for essential journeys.

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